Shiretokoiozan Volcano Research Mission 15
I set out the journey for Shiretoko Peninsula
知床硫黄山 第15回調査

At the Maizuru Port with The Akashiya behind 舞鶴港・後ろの船は、あかしあ号

It was raining hard outside on July 4, 2017. I was in my home at the city of Kameoka, KYOTO and felt like delay the day for setting out for researching field. I looked at weather forcast in yahoo site and found the large cloud pouring the hard rain is moving out of Kyoto district around 8:00 pm.

I put researching tools in a big box for sending to Shari Town located close to the volcano. In the box, I put five electrodes and four litters of copper sulfate solution (CuSO4) for Selp Potential survey, rulers, compass and so on and brought it to a post office.

I waited for rain to stop. At 7:00 pm just as Yahoo Weather Forcast told, it really stopped and I left home by my motorcycle at 7:15 for Maizuru Port to take a boat bound for Hokkaido Island.

A huge amount of luggages are on my motorcycle. I will stay at Shiretoko Peninsula for a month so I need such amount of luggage.

At 11:50 the boat left Maizuru Port while starting to draw a 1000 km wake behind.

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