Shiretokoiozan Volcano Academic Tour

Academic guide of molten sulfur eruption volcano
and sulfur mine remainings by a professional researcher

●The most singular volcano which expelled more than 110 thousand tons of molten sulfur Guided by Mutsunori Yamamoto, an external researcher at the Osaka Museum of Natural History.
●Explanation with panels and models at the field the mechanism of molten sulfur eruption, geology and historic features explained at the field while using panels, models and making experiments and you will deeply learn the nature of Shiretoko.

Shiretokoiozan Volcano is a very singular volcano which expels a humongous amount of molten sulfur. At the last eruption in 1936, more than 116 thousand of melted sulfur was expelled at the northwestern mountain flank called “Crater I” and the sulfur flowed into the Kamuiwakka Creek. The area was developed as a sulfur mine and almost all the sulfur was collected. But still we can see some pieces of sulfur on the rock surface today.

In this tour I will guide you and explain:
①The genesis of Shiretokoiozan and Shiretoko Five Lakes
②The history of Shiretoko Sulfur Mine and the mine ruins
③Mechanism of the molten sulfur eruption
using hand-made dioramas, panels and experimental tools in the field while we observe the crater, sulfur and mine ruins.

【Tour period】
July 16, 2021 through Sept. 30. (Cancelled at bad weather)
【Customer counts】
1 to 10 persons

【Joining conditions】
To approach to Kamuiwakka, you need your own car
or a rental car during the period from July 1 to Aug. 7 and Aug. 17 to Sept. 30. (The guide will ride a
motorcycle) *If you do NOT have a car, contact us. You do NOT need your car between Aug. 7 and Aug. 16. Instead, we will take buses to Kamuiwakka.


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