Shiretokoiozan, Volcano which erupted molten sulfur

Shiretokoiozan is one of the three strange volcanoes in the world. It eject a huge amount of molten sulfur. In the last eruption in 1936, a crater on the mountainside ejected 20 thousand tons of liquid sulfur and it flew into Kamuiwakka Creek.

I have been researching this strange volcano since the summer of 2005. In this year, 2014, I will leave my home town Kameoka KYOTO on June 30 and visit the volcano for this year's research.

I will turn on electricity at the mountain side crater to find out underground structure. I guess there are some hot water reservoir where sulfur is created little by little.

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Molten sulfur flowing into Kamuiwakka Creak. The white bank in the ditch is sulfur which is already cooled to be solidified.
Photo taken by Dr. Watanabe in 1936