Still some boxes and plastic bags scatter in the room. I completed the a half of preparation with a good support of an officer and left the Shiretoko Nature Center.

I loaded exhibion goods on a museum car and transfered all the goods to the Shiretoko Nature Center with the curator's driving. I took this photograph shortly after we brought those goods into the exhibition room.

I printed 17 sheets without any problems. Those sheets of paper are thick and heavy.

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Shari Town is located in northern part of Japan and it was still winter in early March. I saw drift ices at the sea shore after working at the museum. The water temperature was 6 degrees Celsius below zero.

Preparing The World-Weirdest Volcano Exhibition at Shiretoko

I made the data for explanation panels at my home in Kyoto and I visited Shiretoko Museum at Shari Town Hokkaido and printed them all by the special large printer.