Preparation for exhibion/展示の準備
Creating a diorama of the molten sulfur eruption crater and its proximity area

I started creating the diorama with a polystyrene block in 60 x 30 x 30 cm. I cut it into the topography of the Crater I's vicinity using the hot cutter. I had walked in the area for many years so the topography is in my memory. I sculpted the crater, Kamuiwakka Creek, and slopes.
60 x 30 x 30 cmの発泡スチロールブロックをホットカッターで切って地形に加工するところから作業は始まった。この地域は長年何度も歩いているので地形は頭の中に入っていた。1号火口、カムイワッカ川、斜面と彫刻していく。

Sculpting the topography is completed. I also sculpted the hot spring aquifer on the front side which lies under Crater I.


I painted gesso, which is a base paint, so that other colors painted easily and look better.


As I was waiting for the gesso get dry and hard, I tore polystyrene into small pieces and painted them in gray to create rocks.


I painted colors on the surface of the diorama dipending on the geology and rock.

I put rocks on the surface of diorama by bond. Then I poured a large amount of bond into the creeks and crater and painted in yellow for sulfur.

I put moss for expressing pine bushes and some cotton for volcanic gas. Then I painted reddish brown as molten sulfur. The diorama is finally completed!

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