Molten Sulfur Eruption Diagram on Shiretokoiozan in 1936

Molten sulfur eruption started calmly without any signal after a few days of calm state(stage1). At the crater brown melted sulfur spouted out of the orifice and flooded out of the crater and flowed down. Sulfur flowed for several ten minutes and then hot spring water came out with steam (stage2), and geyser period followed for three or four days (stage3) and then calm stage (stage4). Those phenomenon reppeated for more than a half-year in 1936.

Brown molten sulfur flowing on the yellow solid sufur which previously flowed. Location is right below the Crater One.

Dr. Watanabe reported "Due to movement of central part of flow, which solidified later than the marginal parts, echelon structures are formed on the surface of the latter. Arrow shows direction of flow. Spetember 20, 1936."

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